stamfordpupTHE MAGGIE FUND. WASA received a text photo of a pup in need in Stamford. We looked at her little face and knew, even before the diagnosis, that this little one was a victim of parvo. As it turns out, this was dog #3 that come out of this home with a diagnosis of parvo (and we’ll let alerted authorities deal with that situation). We funded around-the-clock care and medical boarding for a week for the newly-named pup, Maggie, at Cornell Vet Hospital in Stamford at cost of $12,000. She fought hard and the light came back to her eyes and the wag back into her tail. She is now being fostered by one of the Cornell vet technicians that was closely involved with her care and is eating up a storm and enjoying her new life. If you would like to donate to the Maggie Fund, please visit and click on Donate. Please designate your donation for the Maggie Fund.



doginfairfieldUNCHAINED! Riko’s cries could be heard throughout the neighborhood. For ten months he was chained to a cellar door at a home in Fairfield, CT. He was outdoors through our brutally cold and snowy winter and most days he couldn’t reach his water bowl. WASA was contacted by a concerned individual in the hope that something could be done for him. Through the combined efforts of WASA and Westport Animal Control, Riko has been unchained and now is safely situated at Westport Animal Control. He is a very sweet boy that has done very well with all his behavior testing (conducted by dog trainer Susie Collins of Sitting Pretty) and has tested well with other dogs. He is a very handsome young dog that has been brought up-to-date on his vet care including neutering surgery at Schulhof Animal Hospital. His vet care will be funded by WASA. We all quickly fell in love with this fine fellow, and we hope to find him a forever home soon. For additional information about Riko, please contact WASA at (203)557-0361 or send an email to

Puppy Holly was about to be fostered and adopted out by a woman, a “20-year-rescuer”, that found her in a “popular” dumping spot in CT – until she realized that Holly was critically ill. Not wanting to fund her care, she started contacting rescue groups and shelters in the area to no avail. Because no one was willing to take in Holly, WASA got a knock on the door. We were told by the rescuer that Holly “had a severe case of worms” when she arrived at Westport Animal Hospital. One look at Holly, and we knew that this poor little girl had more going on than worms as, we suspect, did the “rescuer”. We could have sent Holly on her way to face a very uncertain future but we fell in love with this little girl and, thanks to the dedicated around-the-clock care by the staff of Westport Animal Hospital, Holly is stabilizing and improving. Even at her sickest she would wag her tail and show us a gleam of her puppy spirit. We hope and pray that puppy Holly continues to improve. We have a wonderful foster, a WASA volunteer that has been watching over her, all set to take her in. We thank the kind staff of Westport Animal Hopsital that are going the distance for Holly. If you would like to make a donation towards Holly’s care, please donate online by visiting Please make note on your donation that it is for the care of Holly. Thank you.  UPDATE:  Holly has been adopted and is doing very well in her new home with her new family!!!