Happy Endings

JASMINE, now Jazz. Jasmine, an 8-year-old German Shepherd, lost her home when her pet mom moved into a NO PETS condo and entered into the WASA foster program. Jasmine was a frequent guest at WASA events (seen here with Senator Toni Boucher) and, with her lovely personality, quickly won the hearts of volunteers and everyone that met her. Recently adopted by a local Westport resident, she now enjoys accompanying her pet pop to work every day at his legal office.


JEMIMAH, formerly Diamond. Jemimah was a young mixed breed “papered” online purchase that entered into the WASA foster program when surrendered by her Bridgeport, CT family due to landlord restrictions and their inability to fund much-needed vet care. Jemimah was missing most of the fur on her body and it took a team of experts at the Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers to get to the root ofher problem. We thank her wonderful new pet parents, NY Yankees President Randy Levine and his wife Mindy Franklin Levine, for making her a member of their family and funding her care. Her fur has returned, and, among many new enjoyments in her life, loves being one of a grand pack of resident dogs.


 OLIVIA gets a second chance. Olivia, 3 years old, was one of 9 bulldog mixes seized from a horrific basement breeder in Bridgeport, CT. For three years she was confined to a small crate. She became a WASA foster following the successful outcome of the cruelty case and entered into the WASA program. Despite her cruel treatment and keeping with the nature of many rescued dogs, she forgave all and was eager to meet people and other dogs. Following WASA’s usual adoption process (application and home visit), she was adopted by a CT couple which includes Ripken, the resident pooch that is also a rescue dog. Ripken hails from New Haven Animal Control.


 LUCY UPDATE. Lucy was a 5-month-old puppy that, after being critically injured by a speeding car, was left in a box “to heal”. Following the surrender by her owner to WASA, we funded her vet care, which included surgery for a fractured pelvis and femur, at the VCA Emergency Hospital in Norwalk. Following this sweet girl’s hospital discharge, she was subsequently adopted by her foster family which includes Caprice, the resident pooch that watched over her recovery. As you can see, there was definitely a bond that formed between Lucy and Caprice. We thank all that donated to the Lucy Fund.


Here’s my story for Clara, who we adopted through Westport Animal Control in April 2013:  From the second we brought Clara home, we knew we were keeping her.  She loved our cat.  She sat and waited for us to tell her it’s okay to eat.  She was the best cuddler EVER.  To believe anyone could give up this wonderful girl is beyond us.  She had a little separation anxiety to start but with exercise and some love she’s grown out of it, with the occasional destruction of one of our tissue boxes.  Most days, however, she is with her “Pepe” in his garage, sleeping in the front seat of his truck while he works on it.  She is amazing with kids as well.  This picture with our niece and nephew was taken only 3 weeks after we brought her home.  Our niece often asks if Clara can come for a sleep over…in her bed of course.

We are so lucky to have found Clara.  She has stolen our hearts, and everyone that meets her changes their mind about bully breeds being a danger.  Thank you for taking such good care of her!

I adopted Max from Westport Animal Control in June 2009.  He is a mix of German Shepherd and Chow with some Akita in there too.  He loves going to Huntington State Park but he is also a regular at Winslow, Lake Mohegan, Taylor Farm and Sherwood Island (in off-season).  He is my chief of security.