Wasa Wish List


PLEASE NOTE:  Currently there are no dogs at Westport Animal Control and there is limited storage in regard to supplies for future dogs.  If you wish to make a donation through WASA to assist struggling pet owners and homeless dogs and cats locally and throughout CT, please contact WASA by calling (203)557 0361 or by sending an email to wasa1@optonline.net to arrange for pick up or drop off at a WASA site.  Westport Animal Control communicated that donations for WASA which were previously left at Westport Animal Control are no longer welcome.  We appreciate your assistance with this change in policy.  WASA, however, will continue to make sure that donations get to those in need. We appreciate your support and want to make sure donations aren’t just sitting around but benefiting from your generosity.


Clean/gently-used towels and blankets

Durable toys (i.e., kong-like toys)

Canned/dry dog food and cat food

Strong leashes of various sizes

Adjustable collars of various sizes

High-quality dog treats

Frontline flea and tick products